I’m really excited about my novel.

So much so that there’s a short story out today that’s based around the Amethyst Epiphany universe. You can find that here: http://www.wordhaus.com/2014/01/15/unforgettable/.

This story revolves around my main character’s parents. So you get to see a bit of their personalities and you get to learn a little bit about her Uncle Oliver, as well. Not to mention her grandmother who has always been one of the those characters that truly makes you wonder if some people aren’t evil but just completely and irrevocably heartless. However, I digress. Go read the story!

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Quite excited about this book coming out.

If a parent forced you away from the one one you loved and insisted you come home, would you listen or would you follow your heart, even if it meant breaking every rule you’ve always followed?

Shattered Heart Fluttering In the Breeze

By: Linda M. Crate

Lycoris knew that no one would understand her inability to return to the arms of her one true love. If it was just her life she had to consider then she would have left in a heartbeat, but she had her daughter to think of. She couldn’t just uproot her daughter and take her to some mythical land to meet her father without there being some sort of backlash.

Perhaps, she was being a coward, but she wanted to think Delphinus still loved her just as ardently and passionately as she loved him. To go back and find that he had move on? Well that would have shattered her heart further, and it already felt as if it were fluttering tenuously in the breeze.

She regarded her mother bitterly. Not for the first time in her life.

Her mother had been distraught after the death of her brother, and she had made Oliver and Lycoris promise her that they’d never return to the realm that brought she and her brother happiness. Not until her mother was dead.

Not for the first time she cried when she thought of how selfish her mother had been.

Oliver had grown so angry that he had actually confronted their mother and got slapped in the face for his troubles. She sighed. She missed Oliver. He, of course, persisted that they all ought to go back. He hadn’t relented since the day her mother had died. She knew he was anxious to see Qua again even if she had hurt him.

However, he made her promise that for Calliope’s sixteenth birthday they would return to Ladriél. Perhaps, it was a moment of weakness and perhaps it was something that she ought of disagreed upon, but she had agreed. However, the words that fae had told her all those years ago danced around in her mind. She had been told that she would never return to Ladriél to the love whose song granted her all the merriest wings of happiness. She pushed those worries aside and began reading.

It wouldn’t do to return to her lovers land without, at the very least, remembering his language.




by: Linda M. Crate

I looked at her. She loved him, and I knew it. It broke my heart to know my sister would have to break her heart to keep a promise to our mother. It was selfish, and I have to admit I really hated my mother right now. How could she be so vicious and heartless? Lycoris said people mourned differently, and perhaps that is true, but to angrily lash out at the people that loved you – well, that didn’t seem healthy to me. Nor did I want to go back to The Realm of Normalcy. It was full of petty, little people with lack of imagination. Not to mention there was no Delphinus there for Ly, and my Qua…oh, goodness, knew I didn’t want to let her go. Yet I had to. I had made a fool of myself, and well, she probably didn’t want to see me again…not after what I had accused her of. Especially given she had been innocent.

Still I had blamed her, and I hadn’t apologized. I was too ashamed of mistake. Too proud to admit I was wrong. I was hoping she’d just forgive me.

Little chance of that happening now.

Mother was making us go home, and Lycoris looked as if she would rather take a knife through the heart. Delphinus I knew had to be a wreck. His father was on the verge of dying, his mother already gone. He was about to become a king without his Queen. We all knew that he wanted Lycoris to be his queen.

My sister would have loved to be his queen.

Yet our interfering mother made us promise we wouldn’t come back to Ladriél. She amended it later to say we could come back when she was dead, but that was little comfort to Lycoris whose heart was shattering more and more the further we drew away from Delphinus. My eye’s watered, too. I tried to brush them away without Ly noticing, but she did, and she hugged me.

“It will be okay, Oliver, at least we have each other.”

I nodded. Yet it was a hollow solace, and we both knew it.

Lycoris gripped my arm tightly suddenly. “Oliver, you have to promise me something.”


“You have to promise me you’ll take my child back to Delphinus when he or she is old enough to understand.”

“We’ll go together.”

“No, the fae that made the prophecy told me I wouldn’t be joining you…”


“Everyone dies Oliver. I just hoped I’d be able to see his face again, but if I am to die, then perhaps…it’s better that the last view I got of his him was his kiss.” She ran a hand through her raven locks. “But I won’t talk of this as I can see it distresses you. Just promise me, okay?”



“All right.”

“Thank you,” she  remarked, her knuckles white and taut, clenched tightly enough to cut off circulation.

“Ly, he’ll always love you. If you want to leave, then go.”

“I.don’t.break.promises,” she said through gritted teeth. She glared over her shoulder at our mother. I knew that she hated her, too. “I, I …”

“I hate her, too.”


“Well, I do. She’s making us both unhappy, and all because Richard died. I understand she’s upset, but she doesn’t have to punish the living for the sake of the dead.”

“Well said,” Lycoris whispered. “I wish she could see it that way. She thinks she’s protecting us, when she’s only breaking our hearts.”

Both of us fell silent as we gazed out into the night. The moons of Ladriél were full tonight. One was silver and one amethyst. I couldn’t help but stare at it. “I’ve never seen an amethyst moon.”

Lycoris smiled. “It’s beautiful, it’s the color of his eyes.” She suddenly clenched her fists in an attempt to prevent herself from crying again. I hugged her tightly and she sobbed into my shoulder. “I know life isn’t fair, Olly, but I hate this. Why is she being so cruel?”

“I don’t know. But we’ll have each other. As small a comfort as that is.”

And I knew that was a small comfort indeed. Mother didn’t seem to realize she wasn’t the only one grieving. Yes, we missed Richard – we weren’t monsters, after all, and he was our brother. Yet our hearts belonged with the fae and mermaids we were leaving behind. It didn’t seem as if she cared how badly our hearts were shattered as long as we were safe. I had half a mind to jump off that boat and swim back to  Ladriél, but I knew that mother would never forgive me if I did, and as much as I hated her in that moment – I knew that I’d regret alienating myself from my family. Besides, I had to be strong. For Lycoris’ sake if nothing else.