Fashionistas and Characters

I received a few things for my birthday over the weekend and a few of those pieces happened to be clothing. That got me to thinking about Amethyst Epiphany and the crew in those novels.

Calliope, I suppose, would be considered a fashionista. She is, after all, a princess in the fae realm. They would need her to look her most fashionable. She even has twin sisters who work on her hair and her wardrobe.

Kyleigh the part-vampire who runs her own clothing shop, I would expect, would also be up on the fashionable trends of the kingdom.

However, I think Titianna is more of a free spirit. She’s probably the hippie of the group and wears whatever she likes. I can see her wearing anything from fashionable to the things that make people simply stare because why on LadriĆ©l would you want to wear something like that? She wouldn’t care, though. Titianna is definitely one of those people with a beautiful soul and while she is pretty, she’s not obsessed with fashion.

I can see Titianna’s lover Weylin being the same.

Prince Gaylon, I imagine, can be fashionable; sometimes, but I think he prefers to be casual (probably much to his mother Zara’s annoyance).

My question for you today is: does fashion matter to you or do you just wing it? Personally, I wear what I want whether it’s in style or not.