Some News!



Great news, everyone! Received an email from my editor yesterday: Amethyst Epiphany is scheduled to come out in October. I’m excited! Yet I’m also nervous. A lot of work to do marketing wise, at least. My editor would like to me to double my social media followers both in April and in May.

So if you and any of your friends are interested in following my writing endeavors please feel free to friend me on facebook here: You can also add me on twitter: thysilverdoe. These are the social media outlets I’m to target the most. However, I am  also on tumblr:, deviantart:, linked in: The purpose, of course, is to reach as many possible people as I can.

So feel free to follow me any of these places if you’d like to know more about me and my upcoming novel. I’m pretty shy, but I’m friendly. At least on line. In person you may have to pull my teeth to get me over my awkwardness, but I’m more social than I used to be. 

Get ready to swim with the mermaids, fly with the fan, and swoon over the elves among other things. 😉 Did I mention I’m pretty excited? I can’t wait for you to get my book, and I hope that you all enjoy the start of the journey. It’s a trilogy. 

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