Christmas Time Is Here


Christmas is a special occasion meant to be spent with friends and family. A season full of love, warmth, and laughter. As such it’s not a season I would ever exclude from my stories. Especially not with my Calliope and her friends and family.

There’s lots of thoughts circulating around my head. Especially about chapter eight which I have yet to finish of Crimson Betrayal.

I’m wondering if I should maybe do some Christmas traditions in my story? What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

I’m really trying to consider if I do this, however, what they should be. After all my character has met only just met her father in the previous book. She’s a princess so obviously some of the rituals would probably be different than the ones mere commoners employ, and yet I didn’t really have them do anything special. There was no fancy Christmas dinner and she spent time with both her father and her boyfriend’s family’s and exchanged gifts.

Neither she or her father are pretentious, stuck-up people. I was thinking maybe instead of a Christmas tradition (since these can take a while to adapt to especially when you’re still figuring out and developing relationships with people) that maybe they could go to an orphanage or to those in need and donate some time and money to the less fortunate and try to build some morale – because strange things are happening, people are disappearing and dying, and there are things going on that really can’t be explained. There’s confusion and pandemonium, and I’m sure the king would want his peoples to feel at ease especially with a special holiday such as Christmas.

I think that  I really like this idea.

Have you ever done anything to benefit others on Christmas?

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