Shattered Heart Fluttering In the Breeze

By: Linda M. Crate

Lycoris knew that no one would understand her inability to return to the arms of her one true love. If it was just her life she had to consider then she would have left in a heartbeat, but she had her daughter to think of. She couldn’t just uproot her daughter and take her to some mythical land to meet her father without there being some sort of backlash.

Perhaps, she was being a coward, but she wanted to think Delphinus still loved her just as ardently and passionately as she loved him. To go back and find that he had move on? Well that would have shattered her heart further, and it already felt as if it were fluttering tenuously in the breeze.

She regarded her mother bitterly. Not for the first time in her life.

Her mother had been distraught after the death of her brother, and she had made Oliver and Lycoris promise her that they’d never return to the realm that brought she and her brother happiness. Not until her mother was dead.

Not for the first time she cried when she thought of how selfish her mother had been.

Oliver had grown so angry that he had actually confronted their mother and got slapped in the face for his troubles. She sighed. She missed Oliver. He, of course, persisted that they all ought to go back. He hadn’t relented since the day her mother had died. She knew he was anxious to see Qua again even if she had hurt him.

However, he made her promise that for Calliope’s sixteenth birthday they would return to Ladriél. Perhaps, it was a moment of weakness and perhaps it was something that she ought of disagreed upon, but she had agreed. However, the words that fae had told her all those years ago danced around in her mind. She had been told that she would never return to Ladriél to the love whose song granted her all the merriest wings of happiness. She pushed those worries aside and began reading.

It wouldn’t do to return to her lovers land without, at the very least, remembering his language.


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